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Dios te AMA

Written By: Anna Presso on November 24, 2009 No Comment

“Dios te ama!” – those were the exact words she let out loudly, her eyes sparkling as if she just had a revelation. Straight in her musical native Spanish, out of the heart, but with no translation, as if just the look on her face should convey all the meaning there was in her words. This extremely graceful lady, let’s call her Maria, is a client of mine for quite a while now. (I don’t really like using the word “client”, especially when it comes to people like her and I’ll explain in a minute why, but  for lack of a better word…) Hoping with all my heart that I won’t come to regret my question, I said “umm, pardon? what was that?” “Dios te ama!”, she repeated, as if the repetition alone would magically increase my knowledge of a foreign language. “God loves you”, the translation finally followed.

Oohh…God LOVES me. And that wasn’t just a general “God loves everybody, so he loves you as well”. What Maria meant was a lot more precise then that. When is it that you feel most blessed, most lucky, happiest? She was making an amazing point, since those words were her answer to my passionate trust and uncensored enthusiasm in the process we were sharing. “This is your thing, your path. And God loves you because you are now walking it.” she explained. 

WOW. There it was. The essence of my life philosophy, the centre of my belief system, the core of my dearest guidelines, mirrored back to me so simply and beautifully. I tried for years to take this message across to countless clients and friends, using as imperfect carriers complicated ideas, demonstrations and very long lines of reasoning. I was now able to face the distilled meaning of it all: when you are following your bliss, you feel blessed. When you are happy doing what you do, you are where you are supposed to be. You feel (and you look) happy when you know what you were meant to do, and do it.

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ps: Thanks again, Maria. I get so much in return from my clients, that I sometimes feel that what we have is nothing short of mutual giving, it’s such a wonderful exchange. In cases like that, I think maybe I shouldn’t even charge my clients. Well, maybe just a few.

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