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God bless Obama, and us/US

Written By: Anna Presso on January 25, 2009 One Comment


Oh, bummer! We disobeyed. Judge not by appearances.” said Jesus of Nazareth. We disregarded the teaching of  The Man Himself. Yes, we did, because God knows it’s very difficult not to love Mr. Barack Hussein Obama. But can we trust him? – well, this is the question.

Ever had one of those blind dates, when the guy who shows up is Mr. Perfect himself and somehow the whole thing seems just like a dream come true? (I haven’t, either, but I have a friend who had…) All good, if it wasn’t for that nagging little voice in the back of your head constantly pointing out that he’s just… too perfect…somehow too good to be true? It’s very easy to get swept away by Obama’s charisma, eloquence, intelligence and elegance. Himself and his wife Michelle are both decent and articulate, they hold hands and walk tall, the girls are smart and well-mannered. Flawless picture, all in all. At times we almost forget that, regardless, he is a politician.

He is certainly an excellent speaker and totally capable to set in motion a fine-tuned to perfection propaganda. He is inspiring. In a moment when the masses are lost and fearful, he manages to spread trust in the prospects of recovery. The man with relatives on 3 continents rises unprecedented levels of hope and motivation. The people look at him for a sign: show us the way and we’ll follow you towards the light, peace and prosperity. The expectations are sky high. His image is perfect, his family is perfect, his speech is perfect. This is how he appears to us and that’s why people traveled hundreds of miles and endured freezing temperatures for hours in a row to see him being sworn in. That’s why so many of them had tears rolling down their faces.

But when the mist of the euphoria is gone, let’s all remember he is just a man, unable to turn water into wine or walk on water (which he could, then, turn into wine as well). We cannot expect him to perform miracles. I don’t think he’ll touch the nation with a magic wand and heal it of racism, discrimination, obesity, poverty, mal-functioning and all the other plagues. But the expectations are there. Real, although unrealistic. Regardless of how well-intended, how sincere in his wishes, how skillful with his mic and how deep in his understanding of the bitter realities of his nation he might be, he is functioning within a system – a very complex, complicated and unholy one. Yet he is expected to perform miracles. 

I must confess that my wish regarding Mr. Obama was a lot more modest than that: I simply wanted him to be aware that in the era of videoconferences and live satellite tv transmissions, you can have a low-budget ceremony (say one Million $ for the works) when the nation is going through a serious crisis. Was that too much to expect, under the current circumstances? In my book, that’s plain common sense and empathy. To blow 150 millions $ on the ceremony show, with all the luxury and opulence usually associated with the concept of royalty, while telling people how they need to work their way out of the recession, AND have people seeing nothing wrong with this picture, now that’s what I call performing a miracle! So, maybe he can, after all. Cannot we all just close our eyes in front of the evidence and audaciously hope for Someone to bail us out? Yes, we can.      


Ever since I found out that Mr. Obama is Irish though, I realized that all I can do is sit back and relax. Cheers!


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One Response to “God bless Obama, and us/US”

  1. K. says on: 29 January 2009 at 12:16 am

    Oh, bummer!/Obama! :-)))))
    Never seen in my life such high expectations around any politician. We’ll have to wait and see, I guess…

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