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Written By: Anna Presso on May 30, 2009 One Comment
The running flower

This one was so different – and that’s exactly why I noticed it: because it was running. I couldn’t chase from my mind this image  of someone saying out loud with pure admiration “oh, this one is sooo pretty!” and following her with a pair of scissors.

you don't cut flowers. you kill them.

ps:  If the English language […]

Written By: Webmaster on March 11, 2009 No Comment
Blog Of The Day Award Winner

AnnaPresso.com was nominated for the Blog of the Day Awards* earlier this week and received the distinction today. Online since January 2009, the website became popular soon after visitors started to engage with Anna in real-time over Twitter and suggest topics or ask coaching-related questions. The article on the recession started a […]

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Written By: Anna Presso on February 14, 2009 2 Comments
Size matters!

I think size matters. So pick the one with a big heart.

Photo by Anna Presso

 Love consists in this, that two solitudes protect and touch and greet each other. R.M.Rilke

Written By: Anna Presso on February 5, 2009 No Comment
The merciless, heartless machines

Another thing I’ve learned: Evolution doesn’t necessary imply Evolution of Humanity. Quite the opposite, it seems.

Check Peter Singer’s idea regarding the armies of robots, incapable of compassion or empathy, and how, with the new technologies, they can turn war into entertainment. […]

Written By: Anna Presso on February 4, 2009 4 Comments

WAR KILLS. It’s a concept people tend to consider “obvious”. I would have suspected that evolution and civilization would make this concept unconceivable, and that by now any problems in the world would be solved through negotiation and mediation, not through physical force and gun power. But the horrors we are witnessing or […]

Written By: Anna Presso on January 30, 2009 No Comment
Miriam the advisor

Another memorable piece of advice. Ok, at least this one is funny 🙂


Written By: Anna Presso on January 29, 2009 2 Comments

Someone asked me recently if I think there might be an inflation of advisors these days. Never, I said. Of  real ones? Never!

I know perfectly well  I shouldn’t be the one to throw the stone… not because I live in a glass house, but because I live in a nice house […]

Written By: Anna Presso on January 28, 2009 No Comment

Seriously, he should have his own tv show, do stand up comedy or something…It’s a shame for so much raw talent to get wasted from now on, away from the cameras.

[Javascript required to view Flash movie, please turn it on and refresh […]

Written By: Anna Presso on January 27, 2009 One Comment

What if the Cricket would be a simple and small recording video camera in a public place? Or any kind of “bug” that could trace you and any information about you, manipulate you and and your choices and ultimately command you? Would you give your power/identity away? Never underestimate the power of “small” things. […]

Written By: Anna Presso on January 26, 2009 No Comment

 This video was posted by Le Monde on their website and it adresses the idea of the endangered jobs during this ongoing economic crisis. First laugh, then think about it….

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