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Written By: Anna Presso on May 30, 2009 One Comment
The running flower

This one was so different – and that’s exactly why I noticed it: because it was running. I couldn’t chase from my mind this image  of someone saying out loud with pure admiration “oh, this one is sooo pretty!” and following her with a pair of scissors.

you don't cut flowers. you kill them.

ps:  If the English language […]

Written By: Anna Presso on February 16, 2009 3 Comments
The Mother of all (my) Fears

Photo by Anna Presso

That would be ME. After giving birth to all my fears, I nursed each and every one of them, I cuddled them, I fed them and raised them well. I took them along everywhere I went. I stayed up nights to tend to their needs. I even enrolled friends […]

Written By: Anna Presso on February 5, 2009 No Comment
The merciless, heartless machines

Another thing I’ve learned: Evolution doesn’t necessary imply Evolution of Humanity. Quite the opposite, it seems.

Check Peter Singer’s idea regarding the armies of robots, incapable of compassion or empathy, and how, with the new technologies, they can turn war into entertainment. […]

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