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“Dios te ama!” – those were the exact words she let out loudly, her eyes sparkling as if she just had a revelation. Straight in her musical native Spanish, out of the heart, but with no translation, as if just the look on her face should convey all the meaning there was in her words. This extremely […]

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The running flower

This one was so different – and that’s exactly why I noticed it: because it was running. I couldn’t chase from my mind this image  of someone saying out loud with pure admiration “oh, this one is sooo pretty!” and following her with a pair of scissors.

you don't cut flowers. you kill them.

ps:  If the English language […]

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Motto: Change your mind!

Both counseling and coaching, when properly done, will provide you with value and results. However, these two have different purposes and different methods and are dissimilar regarding at least the following aspects:

1. Motivation: coaching clients choose to work with a coach because they want to, not because […]

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Blog Of The Day Award Winner

AnnaPresso.com was nominated for the Blog of the Day Awards* earlier this week and received the distinction today. Online since January 2009, the website became popular soon after visitors started to engage with Anna in real-time over Twitter and suggest topics or ask coaching-related questions. The article on the recession started a […]

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Nobody likes to feel fearful. Small fears or terrifying ones (like maybe death, or public speaking for so many, or that the cat will lick your sunburn), we all dislike the feeling, to say the least. So, what to do? What are the Fear combat rules?

1. Name it. You keep it secret most of the […]

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The Mother of all (my) Fears

Photo by Anna Presso

That would be ME. After giving birth to all my fears, I nursed each and every one of them, I cuddled them, I fed them and raised them well. I took them along everywhere I went. I stayed up nights to tend to their needs. I even enrolled friends […]

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Size matters!

I think size matters. So pick the one with a big heart.

Photo by Anna Presso

 Love consists in this, that two solitudes protect and touch and greet each other. R.M.Rilke

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Hey, how about a bit of self-assessment today?

How do you define yourself within the relationships you have? Is this place that you have chosen for yourself allowing you a higher and more harmonious connection with the world at large, or a lesser one, of a lower quality?  Take a look at what J.A. Ray calls […]

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The Recession, the big crisis, the major crunch, the huge depression, the financial Armageddon… Headline after headline, media seems to have us all in its spell these days. It’s pumping fear day and night. Everywhere I turn, we’re constantly being bombarded with such alarming news. Huge threats, and no solution. Nothing for me […]

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The merciless, heartless machines

Another thing I’ve learned: Evolution doesn’t necessary imply Evolution of Humanity. Quite the opposite, it seems.

Check Peter Singer’s idea regarding the armies of robots, incapable of compassion or empathy, and how, with the new technologies, they can turn war into entertainment. […]

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